Eastward Ho! Part I

Almost four years ago now, my partner (now husband) and I found ourselves in the unenviable position of moving to the East Coast.   For us, the timing of the move was not something we had expected.  In fact it was years sooner than his ex and him had agreed when they split.  He woke... Continue Reading →

Buck Flack Friday!

You shouldn't hate anything but…I hate ‘black friday.’ I despise the consumerism and mania that it encourages.  I find it abhorred that the nation can deftly vacillate from heartfelt appreciation for the things we have- to unabashed and rapid accumulation of new things.  Things we are convinced we have to get NOW, why?  Mostly because... Continue Reading →

Dead things in mail, Camping with Team Squeam and the Wonderful World of T’n’A

The sun warmed my face and the sandy wind stung my skin all at the same time, I tasted salt and inhaled the sea.  The surf resounded inside my head like empty sea shell waiting for new purpose.  The feeling of home these things inspire is overpowering. It is not attached to a structure but... Continue Reading →

When life gives an ‘arctic blast,’ make a wicked dirty Maine-tini and repeat till warm.

Supplies: A night without kids, snow and a mason jar. Recipe: 1……………………. jar of tightly packed, fresh Maine snow 1/2 jar…………..…olive juice 3…………………...olives 1/2 jar …………....cocktail onion juice 2………………..…..cocktail onions Add as much vodka as necessary (I would not presume to tell you how much to drink or not drink) There you have it. Crank up the... Continue Reading →

The closest I’ll ever get to writing a love poem

To all those who have never fallen in love. Never tripped over your own soul to be swallowed by another's. For all the people that have contrived meetings, set forth guidelines to follow safely into planned monogamy. For those who think they have fallen but never had to sacrifice for it. How I envy their balance,... Continue Reading →

Eggs, eggs, the magical fruit… Fruit that comes from a chicken’s butt

During the winter I love the excuse to make random things and try new crafts.  My sewing machine has gotten a ton of use the past few weeks and the dogs are getting pretty sick of the racket so I decided to try something new.  I have always loved intricate processes and the insanely ridiculous... Continue Reading →

The swell (how life works from the perspective of a surfer’s daughter)

The Swell Again and again I tread the same water passing it over my body and going nowhere, suspended between what is and what is to be. Then change comes as a wave out of the abyss consuming everything. Shifting your entire bodily universe and there is nothing anyone can do to prepare for it,... Continue Reading →

Corn starch and chicken blood; this isn’t your mother’s chicken soup recipe.

Ok, technically it is not a recipe for soup at all.  Actually it has more to do with keeping our chickens out of the dinner pot than getting them in there. Unfortunanelty one of the things you have to worry about with a larger flock of chickens is injury.  Raising chickens in Maine means you... Continue Reading →

It is not always about honey and eggs, some days are filled with bee shit and chicken blood

Taking advantage of the momentary warm up I went out to check on the hive's honey supply.  If it gets too low we will have to install a candy board (big block of sugar) to supplement the food for the little buzzers. As I approached I saw that they were flying today, a good sign,... Continue Reading →

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