Weekend Mommy 

Life now only matters two days a week. The remainder pass with anticipation and preparation like a dream. Sleep is hard to come by so full of thoughts of you both. Waiting, wishing, hoping, missing. Then your here smiling and laughing. Both so open and loving that I can hardly believe my good fortune. Always... Continue Reading →

When I Die I Want To Come Back As One Of My Dogs. Then I Might Get A Spot On The Couch.

Our dogs have been through a lot with us.  Pele was raised on a boat.  Honey has had over a hundred stitches in the past 5 years (from one big injury and one recent surgery.)  Isis is a big fluffy-pain-in-the-butt.  Our two oldest traveled across the country with us when we moved.  They have been to... Continue Reading →

We Went To Mexico- No One Spoke Spanish And We Saw A Moose!

That is because we went to Mexico, Maine. We have been meaning to go gold panning since we moved.  Yesterday we got our butts in-gear and headed north.  We saw lots of nothingness; punctuated by small towns and tons of lakes and ponds.   Some have little islands and the coolest private cabins. I kind of... Continue Reading →

Your Free Range Days Are Over!

Last year we learned an important homesteading math lesson. (Chickens + planting a garden) x (no fence)= fat chickens/no plants. The chickens have been contained! It was time. I constantly worried about predators and neighborhood dogs (not to mention Isis) having free access to the flock.  We knew that we would have to build an enclosure... Continue Reading →

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