It’s All In The Cards.

I have been reading tarot cards since I was small.  It was just one of the many skills my mom taught both her daughters at an early age.  Though it is not something that any of us often openly talk about.  I have no doubt that this fact will come as a surprise to many of... Continue Reading →

A Marmot’s Tale.

My sister requested I make her a rice crispy treat mountain for her wedding.   Preferable, this confectionary mountain would have marmots fighting dragons on it. Fine.  My little sister wants a breakfast cereal mountain adorned with rodents fighting mythical beings- whatever. This request resulted in a late-night-marshmallow-covered adventure of epic proportions. I decided that the cereal... Continue Reading →

My Two Cents on Marriage. For My Favorite/Only Little Sister.

My little sister got married this past Saturday and it was EPIC!  She was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE EVER!  The day was filled with new born goats, a rice crispy treat mountain covered in dragons fighting evil marmots, a trebuchet, family and love. "Who could ask for anything more?"   I am so happy to have a... Continue Reading →

Wait, I Have to leave My Home to go House?! Ouch, My Head Hurts…

In the next few days we will head West for my sister's wedding. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Where the theme will be fighting Marmots (weird runs all over this family.) It is the oddest feeling in the world to have to travel thousands of miles from home- to go home, but there it is. It is nerve racking to leave so... Continue Reading →

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