“No Hour Of Life Is Wasted That Is Spent In The Saddle.” ~Winston Churchill

On my mom's side of the family it seems that life has always revolved around horses. My Grandpa was raised on a chicken farm in Nebraska.  There were many things he disliked about the farm but there were a few perks for an energetic young boy to enjoy. It was riding horses my Grandpa loved most about farm life.  He... Continue Reading →

Arachnophilia- Love of Spiders.

I love spiders. In my opinion, their abilities and variations are wonderful to behold. I completely understand that not everyone shares my enthusiasm but I would like to make a small attempt to stand off some of the irrational fears out there about spiders. I'm not going to ask you to touch them or love them but I would ask for... Continue Reading →

“That Man Is The Richest Whose Pleasures Are The Cheapest.”-H.D.T

I got an unexpected surprise soon after I married my husband.  We had no money for a honeymoon (this was not the surprise.)  As we were discussing what we could do with our time off together I jokingly suggested that we go driving around Maine listening to Stephen King audiobooks. To my absolute shock he got really... Continue Reading →

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