Pyramids- The Snowman’s Angular Cousins.

Last week's pre-Thansgiving snow storm left us with over a foot of frozen clouds in our yard. I thought to myself- "self, I bet we could make a snow pyramid.  WAIT!!! I bet I could get the boys to help me make the whole Giza Plateau." Since I have been blessed with the two coolest... Continue Reading →

The Eye, The Mountain and The Tree.

Sometimes (well ok- most of the time) I wish I could just go around life's hard patches.  Alas, I find again and again these phases are not only inevitable, but vital if I am to come out the other side any wiser. Many times I go through adversity only to vow that the next time I will avoid the obstacle when it presents itself.  "That was way... Continue Reading →

How can I tell?

I wrote this at the beginning of last year but I think it may have become more true to me in the time between. A good reminder of the right direction for my thoughts.

Wicked Rural Homestead

Am I beautiful?

How can I tell?

I could look for the answer in the mirror to see what I need to cover up.

I could give myself a number either off a scale or tag.

I could look at the the beautiful people that surround; compare and see what I should change.

I could starve myself so that I take up less space.

Then I will be beautiful.

Fuck that!

I am the beholder and I choose the measure.

I know I am beautiful.

I see it when I look in my husband’s eyes, I should make him my mirror.

I know when I count the beings comforted by my care and company, I should make this my number.

I can look to my kids and see that they don’t care I’m not like the women on TV, I should make them my source of entertainment.

I will not…

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