“Where’s My Hoverboard?!”

After watching all three "Back to the Future" movies with the boys, I remembered that- as of tomorrow we will all have hoverboards, flying cars, movie posters that try to eat you and pizza re-hydrators! Unless that is, Biff isn't stopped from giving his past self the sports almanac; in which case tomorrow will bring... Continue Reading →

“Oh Christmas Wall, Oh Christmas Wall…”

Growing up a tree hugging, dirt worshiping-California hippy, my family never cut down trees for Christmas. Instead we had a small tree growing in a wine barrel that we brought in for a few days each year with the help of my dad's old Santa Cruz skate board.  It would be wheeled in and decorated before returning to the... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho Part IV-Yellowstone

The day after our mining adventure in Helena Montana, we heeded for the North entrance of Yellowstone.  We had planned our route cross country based mostly on national parks, geology and a vow to wander as much as possible. Having set out at the very brink of spring; the West entrance to the park was the only other gate open... Continue Reading →

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