Strange Surprises from Market Basket

I am always surprised at the verity of the Market Basket super store in Biddeford.  Mind you; this is a little city off Hwy 95, south of Portland in Maine.  Today without any effort at all, I found: Honestly, it is not so much the presents of pork intestines but 10lbs at a time?! NOW... Continue Reading →

No Candy, No Cards, No Diamonds; No Problem.

For Valentine's Day we got- another blizzard. Shocking, I know but great for snow forts! I have already posted my feelings about today's holiday and they have not changed one bit.  In fact, I am ever more convinced with each passing year that romance is overrated.   It seems most often a private expectation of the type love people think they should receive... Continue Reading →

♥ Read Mine ♥

This is from last year I think it’s still true, most of it anyway.

Wicked Rural Homestead

Yesterday the internet filled to capacity with pictures and stories both good and bad about Valentines Day.  Most of my friends on FB posted pictures of the flowers or gifts that their sweeties had given them.  AWWW (truly no sarcasm, I promise) and others posted vents about gifts that were not so well received for one reason or another.

“It’s the same thing he got me last year!”

“He got his mother something better!”

“How does he not know I hate that type of chocolate?!”

“He only wrote my name on the top the card and nothing else, I’m not dating hallmark!”


I do not envy the male of the species on Valentines Day.  First of all, I highly doubt that the modern traditions and practices would have been ratified by a comity of men if there had ever been an opportunity to do so.  It seems to have…

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