Month: August 2015

Memorial Pillows

This summer has been one of the most tumultuous seasons in recent years and that’s saying something!  I thought it right to spend some time on simple things.  Like our couch. No, wait.  I know how that sounds and it’s not like that.

How Train Your Humans. By- The Dogs

Originally posted on Wicked Rural Homestead:
I think we can safely say that as dog owners we have fallen short more than a couple times.  Since we are have three female dogs (all with aspirations of alphadom) it has not always been easy to manage our…

Judge Not…

In memory of Mr. Willams.  Rest In Peace. Judge Not….

TBT #2

I wrote this almost 10 years ago now.  Sitting on my mountain top back home, looking over Big Basin to the Pacific. Alone. Watching hummingbirds fight like jets, smelling manzanita, reveling in the blooming Indian Paint Brush. It was a good day.

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