A Story for Halloween.


Wicked Rural Homestead

When we moved East we were basically homeless for the better part of three months.  We lived out of hotels and vacation rentals (not easy with two dogs) and only had one vehicle in the meantime.  This meant that my amazing husband would drop me off at work in the morning and then spend his day looking for work and a place to land all of our stuff and ourselves.

He must have looked at hundreds of places before we found our first East Coast home in Kennebunk.  The dogs came with us everywhere we went and so it was no surprise they were in the car with him when he had a very odd experience in a town not to far from where we live now.

I’ll let him tell it:

The relator started by asking if I was “scared of ghosts?”  I said that depended on the ghost…

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Standing isn’t as simple as you might think

A good reminder to myself to be still, breath then move.

Wicked Rural Homestead

I mentioned in my OCD post that I have been in the martial arts community my whole life.  Due to my mother’s practice of Tai Chi I have spent many hours moving S L O W L Y or watching others move at a snails pace.  My own training as an adult has been in Aikido, both are considered to be ‘soft style’ arts.

Before any Tai Chi class even starts to think about movement, you stand.  Just stand, for about five to ten minutes. Sounds easy right?

Now make sure you back is straight, body relaxed and there is no tension in your ankles.  They should feel like “freshly risen bread dough” This simple mandate is frustratingly difficult to achieve never mind maintain in movement, even for my mom almost 35 years into practicing.

When my sister and I were young my mom practiced the whole ‘short form’ (a…

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