Month: November 2015

How Can I Tell?

Am I beautiful? How can I tell? I could look for the answer in the mirror to see what I need to cover up. I could give myself a number either off a scale or tag. I could look at the beautiful people that… Continue Reading “How Can I Tell?”



The Choice I Never Had to Make

I wrote this post some time ago now, and I did more than hesitate to post it.  In fact, I almost didn’t at all. This is because my reproductive health is no one’s business! After a time I was compelled to speak out on behalf of… Continue Reading “The Choice I Never Had to Make”

Woolly Stalkers Precede Woolly Stockings.

For a few days last week, the changing trees made us feel like we were living in a lemon. Most of the maples on our property don’t go crimson.  Instead they yellow and then rust. It makes the lighting at dawn and sunset pretty epic. This… Continue Reading “Woolly Stalkers Precede Woolly Stockings.”

Halloween in Boulder Creek – 2015

Originally posted on Boulder Creek Insider:
My home town does Halloween right!!! Wish I could have been there. Boulder Creek Insider View original post

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