Coolest. Person. Ever.

My sister is the most incredible, amazing, inspirational, kick-ass person you will ever meet. Yes, I am bias but I assure you- the statement is true none the less.  Allow me to justify my position. I have written about the 'Little One' a few times before.  She has made a life for herself outside of our family... Continue Reading →

Stop saying you have OCD. You are just anal, I have OCD.

Growing up on a fault line meant that I have been through more than my fair share of earthquakes.  This includes Loma Preita in 1989 the 6.9-7.1 magnitude quake that collapsed the bay bridge, and our fireplace.  I was six at the time. The randomness of earthquakes was one thing.  But it brought with it... Continue Reading →

Petroglyphs and Pyramids and Aliens?! Oh My!

Last winter we got really into Antiques Roadshow.  We have been doing better this winter at not driving ourselves crazy with marathons of random Netflix shows, until now. After four hours of the show Ancient Aliens; I lost it and started yelling at the idiot box.  Forgetting Mark Twain's sage advice to “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down... Continue Reading →

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