Photo Challenge 2016- Friends

I have been blessed throughout my life with great friends.  In my early adulthood; I was elated to find that my family and I all had/have, true and close friendships filled with love and silliness. When I widen my focus I see many life long connections with amazing people. I had the great fortune to meet and marry my... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho! Part V. New Beginnings At The End Of The Road

This April will mark five (six, oh my god!) years since we packed up the truck and headed the wrong way across the country.  After half a decade of winters I can promise you that people headed west for more than the chance to strike it rich.  More like the chance to feel their extremities during the year. We... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho Part IV-Yellowstone

The day after our mining adventure in Helena Montana, we headed for the North entrance of Yellowstone.  We had planned our route cross country based mostly on national parks, geology and a vow to wander as much as possible. Having set out at the very brink of spring; the West entrance to the park was the only other gate open and it... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho! Part III (Actually Part II.) Confused Yet? Good, so am I. Onward!

Six years ago... The first day journey was relatively uneventful (except for my love shipping ALL our shoes to upstate NY.) Most aspects of the move were completely unplanned.  One of the few things we DID plan (besides mine sapphires in MT) was to visit as many national parks as we could. This resulted the trip being longer than... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge- Extra

Extra. Currently,  the word evokes strong- conflicting emotions. There is a constant battle inside my head over how I perceive my reality and judge my efforts. It seems like there is never enough.  Not time, money, energy or anything for that matter.  Any effort that's exerted, comes up short.  My schedule is filled with 'those days.'  The ones... Continue Reading →

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