Month: January 2017

“Hey Guys, We Have Wings!!!”

I mentioned earlier, that having the chickens and ducks outside the front door has been pretty awesome.   Most of the time everyone gets along well and this is the first winter in years I have not been running two different coops. They get… Continue Reading ““Hey Guys, We Have Wings!!!””

The Choice I Never Had to Make

I wrote this post some time ago now, and I did more than hesitate to post it.  In fact, I almost didn’t at all. This is because my reproductive health is no one’s business! After a time, I was compelled to speak out on behalf of… Continue Reading “The Choice I Never Had to Make”

One a Week Photo Challenge 2017- Ceiling

Last year, I had a perfect record of late or nonexistent entries into the 2016 Photo Challenge hosted by some awesome blog buddies of mine.  Aran Artisan, Sandra and Cathy. They were nice enough to invite me to play again this year in the… Continue Reading “One a Week Photo Challenge 2017- Ceiling”

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