Candy Boards And Frostbite. Ah, January In Maine.

Since the bees had such a hard time storing honey this summer and given the collapse of last year's supper strong hive in February I think it is safe to say that I am dubious about these new hives making it to spring. We had to start feeding with sugar syrup during the fall and a few... Continue Reading →

Let there bee light! (I’m sorry. I could’t hold it in.)

I love candle light!  In fact, I quite prefer it. Growing up in a place where the power went out frequently for extended periods of time I got used to the flickering lumiation that fire light provides. My mom taught us how to make candles when we were young.  Sand candles, molded candles, dipped candles, multicolor... Continue Reading →

It is not always about honey and eggs, some days are filled with bee shit and chicken blood

Taking advantage of the momentary warm up I went out to check on the hive's honey supply.  If it gets too low we will have to install a candy board (big block of sugar) to supplement the food for the little buzzers. As I approached I saw that they were flying today, a good sign,... Continue Reading →

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