Esty Shop

I have been asked to make some of my items available for sale so I have opened an Etsy store.  PLEASE make use of it and let me know what else I should make available! Currently I have up some things that I have not even posted about yet! CHECK THEM OUT…Please.

Come on in!

Links to post with plant medicine information:




4 Comments on “Esty Shop

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  2. These are beautiful and, as I told your “love” tonight, you have a stall waiting for you at the Greenland Farmers’ Market should you be interested. I don’t think I gave him the site name (thank you Redhook beer…): (our FB page is Join us, complete with any veg and eggs that you’d like to sell! If you think you’d be into 21 weeks, What say ye? You’d be a perfect fit! (Yes, I’m the one who just FB’d “LOVE your lip balm!” Bring some of that too!) Check us out–we’re poised to be one of the top markets on the Seacoast, namely because of exclusive vendors such as NH Mushroom Co., Brookford Farm, Wold Meadow Farm, Canterbury Bread Shop, and several others!

    Cheers! Jean Eno


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