The Scattering Part 2- Dennis Takes a Hike

I grew up hiking EVERYWHERE.  If there were no waves, there were always trails. Through fields, down cliff to the ocean or up endless mountains covered by giant Redwoods.  Often past signs that read “No Trespassing,” all in search of the places where you can plainly see the finger print of god. As a child; I…

The Scattering Part 1- The Divvy

We set key to lock, and entered the underworld domaine of my father.  A place of endless possibilities and combinations.  Here, we would find the tools to begin my dad’s final trip. My mom got to work covering the table and preparing our workspace for this rather ghoulish task.  I waded through endless drifts of stuff, exploring…

Death and Snowflakes

The snow falling lightly on my window reveled itself to me one day. All the little flakes waited patiently to melt. Momentarily displaying their breathtaking detail, individual beauty and uniqueness. I was there to see it. But had there been no audience-the show would have remained exactly the same. Little frozen moments.

My First Year Without A Father.

The end of November will mark one year since my dad passed unexpectedly. It has been the first year of my life I didn’t have a dad ready at hand.  Just a phone call away.  Not that I called all the time.  I am an independent person and have been my whole life (I am…

The places I found you.

I went for a dive today, hoping to find you along the way. I took the back roads and chose the path. Hoping to find you somewhere, maybe on some mountain’s pass. What I discovered was exactly as I had feared. That you were no longer here, but I knew that from the start.

What does it become?

What does a birthday become after a person’s life is done? Does it transform into a day to mourn the last? I don’t know what to do- where to begin the task. The only direction I have to look now is back.