The Scattering!

Welcome one and all; to the Last Days of Dennis Gobets!

After passing away unexpectedly at the age of 58, we have been giving the opportunity to spend one last day with a man who gave us so many good days and exciting adventures.  The picture above is one my dad penned a long time ago, it is titled “Release” and I thought it apt for this endeavor.

I will go first but all are welcome to play!

There is no wrong way to do this.  No rules except to be genuine.  Take him someplace you shared or wanted to but didn’t have the time.    I hope everyone will share a little of their experience with us- even if it is just a picture of where you set him free.

Eat good food, drink good drink and smile.

He we go!

The Divvy

Dennis Takes A Hike

Dennis’s Last Sand Castle

Stashed at The Lane 

Dennis Goes to Italy 

Dennis and Honey Sneak in and Take a Dip

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