Reflections of Summer

This morning marked a rare day off, sans kids.  I had a moment to reflect on a summer filled with work; most of my time spent away from our little homestead.  Sitting with the birds in the sun, many thoughts passed through me.  I let them come and go as they pleased.  I was struck... Continue Reading →

Spring A-Bread, Flour Back. Easter Bread.

After enjoying the new super moon/eclipse/equinox/Ostara day last Friday AND our tasty little chicken I thought it was time for some less gruesome kitchen activities. I love bread.  I think Dr. Atkins might be the devil incarnate but I have to admit when I follow his advice my butt shrinks.  Anyway... Bread. I LOVE BREAD.  I... Continue Reading →

And Now, A Word From My Husband- “Giving In To Realizing Your Abilities.” (Written By Ryan)

I am not a person who needs attention.  I actually enjoy anonymity. I don't like to toot my own horn or say "I am the best!"  But I feel like I have achieved something and am proud to have done so. I also don't like putting myself out there- especially on the web but I want to preserve the rethinks that have... Continue Reading →

Your Free Range Days Are Over!

Last year we learned an important homesteading math lesson. (Chickens + planting a garden) x (no fence)= fat chickens/no plants. The chickens have been contained! It was time. I constantly worried about predators and neighborhood dogs (not to mention Isis) having free access to the flock.  We knew that we would have to build an enclosure... Continue Reading →

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