Reflections of Summer

This morning marked a rare day off, sans kids.  I had a moment to reflect on a summer filled with work; most of my time spent away from our little homestead.  Sitting with the birds in the sun, many thoughts passed through me.  I let them come and go as they pleased.  I was struck... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho Part IV-Yellowstone

The day after our mining adventure in Helena Montana, we heeded for the North entrance of Yellowstone.  We had planned our route cross country based mostly on national parks, geology and a vow to wander as much as possible. Having set out at the very brink of spring; the West entrance to the park was the only other gate open... Continue Reading →

“That Man Is The Richest Whose Pleasures Are The Cheapest.”-H.D.T

I got an unexpected surprise soon after I married my husband.  We had no money for a honeymoon (this was not the surprise.)  As we were discussing what we could do with our time off together I jokingly suggested that we go driving around Maine listening to Stephen King audiobooks. To my absolute shock he got really... Continue Reading →

A Honey of a different type (Warning: contains some graphic material)

Honey, Honey Bee, Bear, Bearington, Hon. She answers to to all of them. Our dog Honey, came to us in the month after the boy's unexpected move cross country.  I guess technically this makes her my step-dog.  I came to be her owner when she was about 7 years old- high strung, anxious, distrusting and willful.... Continue Reading →

When I Die I Want To Come Back As One Of My Dogs. Then I Might Get A Spot On The Couch.

Our dogs have been through a lot with us.  Pele was raised on a boat.  Honey has had over a hundred stitches in the past 5 years (from one big injury and one recent surgery.)  Isis is a big fluffy-pain-in-the-butt.  Our two oldest traveled across the country with us when we moved.  They have been to... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho! Part III (Actually Part II.) Confused Yet? Good, so am I. Onward!

The first day journey was relatively uneventful (except for my love shipping ALL our shoes to upstate NY.) Most aspects of the move were completely unplanned.  One of the few things we DID plan (besides mine sapphires in MT) was to visit as many national parks as we could. This resulted the trip being longer than necessary but much... Continue Reading →

Your Pets Are Not Your Children, They Are Your Grandparents.

Your animals should not be like your children.  They should be your grandparents. I say this for one specific and important reason- it is unnatural to outlive your offspring. Barring some unforeseen tragic event, it will be your privilege to preside over the passing of your critters.  I say 'preside over' because in modern times- it is the human parents (under the... Continue Reading →

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