BAD DOG!!! “No Soup For YOU!”

Well, I went and jinxed it. After a few posts about how well behaved Isis has been and posting a survival skills article that included "knowing how to dress and butcher an animal."  I have to admit; I was kind of asking for it. Like the raptors from Jurassic Park Isis has been systematically testing her fence... Continue Reading →

Wait, I Have to leave My Home to go House?! Ouch, My Head Hurts…

In the next few days we will head West for my sister's wedding. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Where the theme will be fighting Marmots (weird runs all over this family.) It is the oddest feeling in the world to have to travel thousands of miles from home- to go home, but there it is. It is nerve racking to leave so... Continue Reading →

Your Free Range Days Are Over!

Last year we learned an important homesteading math lesson. (Chickens + planting a garden) x (no fence)= fat chickens/no plants. The chickens have been contained! It was time. I constantly worried about predators and neighborhood dogs (not to mention Isis) having free access to the flock.  We knew that we would have to build an enclosure... Continue Reading →

Eggs, eggs, the magical fruit… Fruit that comes from a chicken’s butt

During the winter I love the excuse to make random things and try new crafts.  My sewing machine has gotten a ton of use the past few weeks and the dogs are getting pretty sick of the racket so I decided to try something new.  I have always loved intricate processes and the insanely ridiculous... Continue Reading →

Corn starch and chicken blood; this isn’t your mother’s chicken soup recipe.

Ok, technically it is not a recipe for soup at all.  Actually it has more to do with keeping our chickens out of the dinner pot than getting them in there. Unfortunanelty one of the things you have to worry about with a larger flock of chickens is injury.  Raising chickens in Maine means you... Continue Reading →

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