Life at the top of the mountain

Life is wonderful.

Whether you take the time to realize it or not.

To truly look around and see creation, life, living as it is, is a symphony to behold.

The harmony of sky and sea, mountain and sun can not be accurately inscribed in anything less than itself.

These words are but hollow reflections of the feel of warm sun on your skin, soft rock at your back, a beautiful scene in your eyes and the news of the mountains in your ears.

Animals, plants and me, here together, being nothing other then what we are.

Acting living all under the same sky, chilled by the same breeze and warmed by the same sun.

We are all one.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all part of this thing, this life.

Some never truly enjoy that realization. Some have never sat alone on a mountain top and listened to what god has to say to them.

We are all spoken to.

Nature, the way, is hidden from no one.

It is right outside our doors and ourselves. But you must seek it.

Nature seeks nothing.

It is, that’s it.

Perfect in its kind, one of a kind, yet made of many kinds, all equal, all a part of this one thing.

When two become one and many act in harmony we can see a glimpse of our potential as humans.

Yet we do not act as we know we should and so we will remain as long as we continue to alienate things, say that they are more unlike us then like us, we will never fully appreciate our duty to them or ourselves- to the system as a whole.

We must all truly feel that life is beautiful or we will continue to destroy it without understanding why.

We must put ourselves back in the circle, sit quietly and listen to what god has to say to us.

Because the same thing is said to all living things everyday, that life is a gift.

Be a part of it seek it out, let it make you whole.

So that you may join with others and make something more of the time we have.

Truly live life, because tomorrow is promised to no one all we have is right here and now to do right by those here with us.

To live life in such a manner everyday seems woefully uncommon.

But the wind can blow in any direction its only constant is change. And therein lies hope for what can be.

That the wind will change and we will change with it and live life as we know we should.

Great East Lake from the top of the mountain.

16 Comments on “Life at the top of the mountain

  1. Wow! This is beautiful. Did you write it? May I share it? With credit, of course.


    • I did. Actually I wrote it many years ago. On the top of china grade looking at the pacific watching two humming birds dog fight. It was pretty epic, hard not to be inspired. It is also in my ‘notes’ on FB with a picture of that view. Happy sharing!


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