I do not believe in Valentines day, the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, or that unicorns fart rainbows.  (A Unicorn’s fart is just like all other horse farts, silly.  They SNEEZE confetti AND rainbows. Now you know.)  The difference is that I can’t remember ever believing in Valentines day.  There were a few years when I did think it made perfect sense for a mutant (possibly radioactive) bunny to run around and hide eggs one random day every year. I mean, why the hell not?!?


Valentines day falls on this year’s Quickening Moon, quite the coincidence in my opinion.  Also know as a Hunger Moon or Ice Moon it is what some call February’s full moon.  February is the last stretch of winter-the proverbial darkness before the dawn.

Because of this  I will be paying more attention to the 14th this year.  However I will not participate in mass-produced cardboard ‘love notes’ or pressed sugar hearts.  And my husband is under no mandates to buy me something shinny, or anything at all for that matter.  The concept that you need a special day to ‘extra’ nice to your mate boggles my mind.  Obviously, I am not a hopeless romantic or the type of girl that planed her wedding day when she was six.

To me it’s kind of like when a waiter puts “VIP” on an order for the kitchen.  If writing three letters on the top of an order means I change anything about the product I put on the plate, then what am I doing the rest of the time?  Always do your best work, period.

My mate and I are as kind as we can be to each other most days, there is nothing to make up for or improve.  I am beyond thankful to have found a partner with whom all I want is more time.

This year has been full of change but mostly from outside our home.  I lost my dad and my career is in flux but life goes on regardless.  Just as the seemingly frozen landscape that surrounds us is not idle.  Its growth is just out of sight.  Roots twist and wait. Seeds sleep and animals rest.

This friday’s full moon brings the time of the quickening, when all prepare for opportunity and new growth.  Being from California I have never had winters.  The concept of things slowing and stopping had never been a reality for me.  It is interesting and new.  This is only my forth winter and I have not grown impatient with the concept…yet.     On the contrary, I love the chance/excuse to look inward, especially this year.  I know it will come to an end, all things do.

In my state of repose I drew a logo of sorts for the site, can you find the W-R-A (for wickedruralapothecary?)  There are a few other little details that the kids helped me add.  There is a wind blowing from the west for the youngest, a spider in a web for the oldest  (his idea) and because they insisted that daddy and I be in it too-there is a little carved heart on one of the trees.

If you click on me I will get bigger. 🙂 If you keep clicking it will enlarge even more, it’s like a Where’s Waldo?

Not bad for a day of doodling.  The spring will bring growth, opportunity and work and that will be good too…

just not quite yet, I have more doodles to do.