Late night trouble with the iPad

4 am.

Currently in our bed there are; two humans, one cat and two dogs. I would love to tell you that Isis is not here too because we learned our lesson after the first two; that dogs should sleep on the floor.   But that would be a lie.  It is because we only have a queen sized bed.

In the corner are two chickens.  *IN CRATES,* I’m not that far gone…yet.  Abbey has a cut and Snowflake has sour croup.

Oh and a snake (also in a cage.)

Everyone is sleeping quietly but I am wide awake.  Looking stuff up on the iPad.  My dear husband ‘up putter of many things’ wakes to the glow of the small device:

“What are you looking at?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

Sounding more awake now “I do now”

I tilt the screen so that he can see the picture-  “GUINEA FOWL!  I think we should get 6!  They eat all the bugs, fleas and ticks and don’t mess with the garden.  Plus they make great watch dogs for the other animals and they get along just fine with chickens!  They eat Japanese beetles and potato bugs too! All hale guinea fowl the gardens are saved!”

He grunts “ah uh” and rolls over (disturbing Honey who protests) and goes back to sleep.

That counts as tell him right?!

I guess we will see if he remembers when I come home in a month or two with a bunch of keets.

Yippee for guinea fowl!

11 Comments on “Late night trouble with the iPad

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    • They are noisy! As long as you have enough room (and far away neighbors) it’s not too bad. That and even though they were hatched here and raised by hand they are much less tame than any of my chickens. They have formed quite the little troop though, their feathers are gorgeous!

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      • Ducks are great but a menace in the garden so we have them fenced out. Just wondering how guinea fowl are at eating slugs? Would they trample the greens down? Thanks.


      • I don’t know about slugs, most of what I have read talks about insects. We got them for tick control since lyme disease is so common on the east coast (there has never been an incident in our area but just south of us is a very different story.) Copper and beer are the only ways I know of to kill/repel slugs. Toads and frogs eat slugs; I think. We have a TON of those so slugs are not a problem…fingers crossed. Japanese beetles, potato bugs and stink bugs have been our major pains in the garden’s butt! I will let you know how they do, if this snow ever melts. 🙂

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      • I will have to research it more. No frogs or toads on the island. Copper piping didn’t work for us. I have only put in half effort really so game on, this year I’m gonna get them slugs!


      • Beer worked pretty well for us and they die smashed out of their sludgy little heads, singing sailing songs and telling each other “you’re the slug”
        “no, you *hickup* da slug”

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      • Well, that sounds like a plan that would make everyone happy 😉 !! Don’t know why I haven’t tried before, but gonna give it a go for sure this year. Thanks 🙂


  4. Not sure about the trampling but they are much better flyers than chickens and spend more of their time off the ground…so I am told. It is one of the reasons they are good ‘look-outs.’ I am curious to see how this goes.

    I also my have sent away for 6 peacock eggs and we are contemplating sheep. I think we have been cooped up a bit too long. 🙂


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