4 am.

Currently in our bed there are; two humans, one cat and two dogs. I would love to tell you that Isis is not here too because we learned our lesson after the first two; that dogs should sleep on the floor.   But that would be a lie.  It is because we only have a queen sized bed.

In the corner are two chickens.  *IN CRATES,* I’m not that far gone…yet.  Abbey has a cut and Snowflake has sour croup.

Oh and a snake (also in a cage.)

Everyone is sleeping quietly but I am wide awake.  Looking stuff up on the iPad.  My dear husband ‘up putter of many things’ wakes to the glow of the small device:

“What are you looking at?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

Sounding more awake now “I do now”

I tilt the screen so that he can see the picture-  “GUINEA FOWL!  I think we should get 6!  They eat all the bugs, fleas and ticks and don’t mess with the garden.  Plus they make great watch dogs for the other animals and they get along just fine with chickens!  They eat Japanese beetles and potato bugs too! All hale guinea fowl the gardens are saved!”

He grunts “ah uh” and rolls over (disturbing Honey who protests) and goes back to sleep.

That counts as tell him right?!

I guess we will see if he remembers when I come home in a month or two with a bunch of keets.

Yippee for guinea fowl!