My Little Indoor Hair Garden

The snow is still falling but I have decided to grow some flowers anyway.  Clay flowers that is, no danger of snow or frost impeding my progress.

I started making roses out of clay when I was pretty young.  I have always given them aways as gifts and used them myself.  Other’s reaction to them has always been very positive but I have never thought of putting them out there as a  commodity to the public.  As I sit here-snowed in again I have gotten up the courage to try.

I like doing little roses on regular bobby pins.  I make sure that the clay doesn’t effect the utility of the pin so that you can actually used them to put your hair up and not just stick them in as an after thought.



I decided to branch out and did some huge ones on larger bobby pins.  I even got some little crystals to stick in the center. Ohhhhh, sparkly.

DSCF5406 DSCF5407

I made some that glow in the dark…

DSCF5405 DSCF5404

I made some that have no use or purpose but are really pretty and remind me that summer WILL happen…at some point.


After a few days I had a whole pot full!


I got some tin metal headbands and experimented with some off center little bouquets that I think turned out quite well.

DSCF5607 DSCF5611 DSCF5604 DSCF5603 DSCF5606 DSCF5599

Well now that’s done. What next?

Maybe a quilted koi fish pillow with mouth pocket?

Hey stop laughing!  I’m serious.

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