Stained Glass Flowers-Easy as Clay! (Less tasty than pie…um pie)

More goofing around with clay-

I like rainbows!  There I said it.  I like stained glass too.

I have found it is easy to create clay “stained glass.”  Start by making logs of all the colors you want to include.  Then wrap them in black.   Grey and white work too, but I like the contrast of black.


I roll the logs out to different thicknesses some big and some small, all of them will have the same cross sections when cut but in different proportions.  Now stack and smash.


The piece to the right is what the end of the log looks like before you cut it off.  To the left you have a cut cross section off the log in the middle.  Since I was trying to make plumeria I also added a large chunk of the leftover clay to the finished log.

You can see it on the middle bit-there is an extra section of black clay.  This is so I can press the petals to each other without loosing part of the rainbow.  Below you can see what happens when you have a flower but don’t add that extra clay.  You will loose parts of the pattern that you just worked so hard to create.

See how the flower there has no green, blue or purple showing?

I put some large pins and set crystals in the middle.  Since these petals are quite large I bent two of the petals so that they will lay flat on the head instead of poking into your brian.  As brian poking is bad.

DSCF5640 DSCF5638

I was able to make two different types of flowers, some with the red on the tips like the above and some with purple tips.  I refuse to tell you how, you will never figure it out!!! MuHuhahaha!

DSCF5641 DSCF5644

By squishing the finished logs I was able to make big and small flowers. Then I mounted them on another headband.   Here again I flattened one side of the flowers so that they will not lay flat against the head.

DSCF5651 DSCF5647 DSCF5645

There you have it, easy stained glass flowers!  I highly recommend an Exacto knife for cutting cross sections.  Otherwise the colors will smear together and a fairy will die.

DON’T DO IT!  We need all the fairies we can get!  They fight the purple monkey in the cabinet.

I strayed from my rose form but I like the plumeria style blooms.

Have fun and don’t worry the worst thing that can happen is the above mentioned pixie-cide.


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