Spring Time in Maine Part II- The Thawing

It’s happening, really happening!

Even though in your head you know spring has got to come.   For a long time this winter I didn’t quite believe it.

Neither did my husband.

When I told him that spring must arrive sometime- since it does it every year, he pointed out that during the ice age this was not true.

OK, so barring another ice age this day had to come.

The day when I saw the ground outside our house again!  I also noticed that we have substantially more deck than I had gotten used to.

Living in the lakes region it is really amazing to watch everything become enveloped by water and then freeze solid.  Lakes become highways, skating rinks and fishing platforms.

Everything stops exactually where Jack Frost catches them and has to wait for the only thing that will grant their freedom, spring.   That magic day when the freeze loosens its grip and you see all the winter’s prisoners set free.

The bogs and marshes turn opaque blue green.   With water over ice, giving way to the brown bottoms as the ice changes back to water.



You see colors you had forgotten existed in nature like green, tan and deep browns.


 It is not a starting over.  It’s the process of building on the foundations of last year. It is the finest expression of patients paying off.

All the dreaming and preparation of the dark cold winter days getting a chance to lay down roots, grab hold and stretch for the ever-strengthening sun.

We still have so much to get ready for the spring and summer around the homestead.  Little in the way of money to do it.  I know we will make it though.

Mostly because we are stubborn, but we can’t do it alone.  If you have a second and a couple bucks maybe you could help us (chickens, dogs, cat, soon to arrive guinne fowl and more chicks) out either on Gofundme or by purchasing any of the crafts I have written about here on our Etsy store.

Either way-  just like the gentle rays of sun have added up to melt the mountains of snow and ice, every little bit of support is appreciated!

If you are poor like us then just help spread the word, ‘like’ and ‘share’ freely and have a blessed spring!

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