“Officially unemployed, homeless and in debt. Time to start all over again, here we go…”

I posted that Facebook status four years go yesterday.

My how things change.  Well- not the debt part.  And right now I am unemployed, so I guess the “more things change the more they stay the same”?

OWW my head hurts…

All I know is that when you are going through it you don’t feel like your are making progress even when you are well underway.

This has been our greatest adventure so far.  I’m not sure which one of us is Sam and which is Frodo but I know that their relationship reminds me of what my husband and I have been through over the last few years.

(Minus the weird gay hobbit vibe as we are straight homo sapiens.  Not that there is anything wrong with gay hobbits. Hey! Maybe THAT is why Bilbo went to live with the elves! )

There have been long journeys.  Ones you think are at their end till some wizard/elf/dwarf tells you, “Oh no you have to go throw it in THAT volcano, Over there.  The one right next to that guy that hates you…that one.”

Only I didn’t get a Mithril vest ! 😦

(Yes, I have decided I am Frodo)

We have seen beautiful lands.  Had to deal with dragons guarding precious treasures and spiders in deep mountain caves.  There has been fear, pain, stress but most importantly, hope.

Above all it’s the hope that got us through.  That and each other.

When we left my mom told us to “take care of one another.”  We have managed that simple task in harsh circumstances and are happier for the effort.

We have had some help but for most of this we have been on our own.  At times that feeling of lonliness and isolation was difficult. We left behind so much love and support.

A place we both never wanted to leave, our little shire.

Four years later; I sit in OUR house on over 2 acres of beautiful forest.  Something we may not have been able to do back home and certainly not for under 130k.

I can hear Dude crowing in the yard and newly hatched chicks peeping from the back room.   Our pack has grow by one.  Most importantly the boys are present in our household, a consistent part of all the madness.

It was that simple goal that drove our migration cross country and it was more than worth all the dragons, spiders, wizards and orcs that Sauron has thrown our way.

We are not done yet, but with the birds singing again and the sun shining I feel like I woke up in Rivendell.

Even though I have the suspicious feeling that a soon, at some magical brunch perhaps- we will be told that “the ring must be destroyed!  By the way, it will almost surly attract a creepy field guide who eats raw fish and might bite off your fingers eventually.”

When that happens I guess we will figure it out.  After all we have a lot of practice with that.  Practice makes, something…  Brownies?! No.

Ummmm brownies….



Top of the mountain last week looking down on a still frozen Great East Lake.
Top of the mountain last week looking down on a still frozen Great East Lake.


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