A Rant. My First. Probably Not My Last.

For almost three years now we have not had cable TV.  This started because we could not afford the $160+ a month bill.  In the end it has been AMAZING!

The only thing we both had to give up is live sports and we are getting by without them… kind of.

This means that we have no idea what the latest movies are or newest toys for kids.  We don’t watch the news, instead we read it from a verity of sources.

Basically we live under a rock and love it.

There is little/nothing I have found I miss about popular culture and cable programming.  The one thing I know I still detest are commercials or ads as they call them on the East Coast.

Yesterday, I was watching a video online and the STUPIDEST commercial in the world kept playing and playing and playing.  By the fifth time I was subjected to it, I started talking back to the computer…

Never a good sign.

It was a Revlon commercial featuring very buff, manly men recounting which nail polish color “tuns them on” the most.  There was so much wrong with this basic concept I find it hard to know where to begin.

Oh wait, I know!

Depending on who you ask almost 10% of men in the USA are red/green color blind.   They can’t tell the difference between red and green.  The chances of them being extra turned on because your nails are “raveshing red” and not some less rehashing shade- are slim to none.

Second, I have worked alongside men for half my life in kitchens. For the earlier half I was a tom boy (I know, you are shocked.)  Most of the time I am ‘just another one of the guys.’  I know how they talk and what they say about women when they consider none to be present.

I have never, in 30 years, heard a single comment about a woman’s nails.   Unless they picked up the bill in which case the conversation is more like:

“What the hell did they do to your hands that was worth over 60 bucks!? Do you know how much beer I could buy with $60?! ”

(I am assuming that is how much a manicure costs.  I have never had one and don’t ever intend to.  Do you know how many chickens I could buy with that kind of cash?!)

Third, men are not motivated by anything you do TO your nails. They can be  very motivated by what you do WITH them.


Big difference.

I fear slightly for the future of femininity.  During the feminist movement it was about being strong and capable.  Able to do anything a man can do.  Claiming our rightful place at the head of the table along side our mate.

Not trying to trick him with pretty colors and flashy products.

If you like to paint your nails, go for it.

Don’t expect it to have any impact on a man, other than demonstrating how high maintenance you are (something most men will avoid in a serious long term relationship, by the way.)

I think Chris Rock said it best when it comes to the lies told between the sexes.

(Put on your big kid panties there is some cussing in this clip)

(Yes, I did just go from feminist rant to Chris Rock clip.  It’s my blog, “I do what I want!”-Cartman of South Park)

I guess my reaction to that commercial comes from the place inside of me that hates bullsh*t and ‘people pleasing.’

If you are trying to find a soulmate or even just a pleasant way to pass time ( 🙂 )

Be who you are.  It will make things simpler.

Do not fill your time and space with actions meant to please or influence anyone other than yourself.  If bright green nails make you feel pretty, great!

If standing on your head with hats on your feet, yelling- “I’m a two headed monster!” Makes you feel special, it should.

That is special.

If you do or buy things because you think it’s what other people want-  they will never be what you need.

Be honest with yourself.

Me personally, I don’t color part of my body (mostly cause it cost money and I’m lazy.)

I have no idea what ‘this season’s’ clothing trends are going to be, or were.  I’m not beautiful because of any of that.

I think am beautiful because I have the courage to stand up in front of everyone as I am and not apologize for any of it.  The good the bad and the ugly, it’s a package deal.

7 Comments on “A Rant. My First. Probably Not My Last.

  1. I love this post. Today I was decrying the modern aspiration of young women. In the eighties when I was in my teens almost all young women were not sexualised. Those who were were looked down up by the majority. Now it seams the majority have facials and manicures at a very tender age and wouldn’t fream of leaving the house without eyeliner, straightened hair and a cleavage. me? I’m working in having only three Beaty products total. Moisturiser, deoderant and toothpaste.


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