Down By The River…


In our wandering around Maine we have seen some beautiful things.

 Peaceful rivers full of tumbled stones and some VERY cold water.



Meanwhile down stream this lazy river joins with others and turned into a torrent.


It even comes with multiple warnings.


What siren?! Sudden release of water?!


Good thing there is a family of Native American shadow people there to keep watch.


I think they were going for ‘woman with baby in a Papoose.’  It ended up looking more like her leg has a face on it, or something much worse.


At least they got crazy Uncle Feather Brian down in the “flash flood zone” fishing with a fork of some sort.  I guess that is how they did things back then.

What could go wrong?


We left the odd silhouette tribe in favor of an old covered bridge.


It was in pretty good shape for being almost 140 years old.


My favorite, buttercups


I do so enjoy our ramblings! Just watch out for Paul Bunyon!

He's got an ax!
He’s got an ax!


AHHH Maine.


What say you?

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