Weekend Mommy 

Life now only matters two days a week.

The remainder pass with anticipation and preparation like a dream.

Sleep is hard to come by so full of thoughts of you both.

Waiting, wishing, hoping, missing.

Then your here smiling and laughing.

Both so open and loving that I can hardly believe my good fortune.

Always worried that I will not be enough or that my novelty will fade.

Afraid my kisses will not take away the pain, or that my face in the morning will disappoint.

So much self doubt in the face of such blind trust.

These things don’t cross their mind or worry them.


My kisses make hurt stop, my words carry weight and are remembered like laws.

How amazing this opportunity to witness the beginning of two great lives.

So sacred I will mess up or overstep my bounds but just wanting to be there no matter what.

Then just as quickly as they arrive, they are gone leaving me here again to doubt and anticipate.

Waiting, again for time to start.

Already missing my heart.

To have so much of you be separate from you and out of your reach feels precarious.

No direction but forward into uncertinty and hope for another weekend.

When we will be whole again.


2 Comments on “Weekend Mommy 

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