A Strawberry With a Secret….

I will not attempt to take any credit for this cool idea.  I WILL take the credit for the funky cool fabric choices.

Thank you very much.

I was surfing the web for tote bag patterns and came across a pattern for a ‘strawberry farmers market bag.’  There are many patterns available online but the gist of all of them is the same.

I will not try to list the exact steps since I’m sure my explanation will be far less susinct than what is already out there.

I decided that since we had the strawberry stand next to us last week (the smell was incredible!) these might be a nice addition to our offerings at the Wicked Rural booth.

I started with some great batik fabric that I hoarded this winter and the results where… Well, judge for yourself-

The beginning shapes are really easy to cut out.
The beginning shapes are really easy to cut out.
Start by sewing the strawberry together...
Start by sewing the strawberry together…
stick that to your corners.
Stick that to your corners. Then stick your corners to your corners.  (See online instructions WAY better than mine)


Attach your handles...
Attach your handles…
and finish up.
and finish up.


then stuff everything…
then stuff everything…
And TADA!!!! Strawberry bag!
And TADA!!!! Strawberry bag!

I added some stitching along the top edge and double sewed all the side seams I think they came out well!  I will add some other colors for the Tue market and they will be available for $17 ea.



They are really cool if I do say so myself!  The finished berry is only about 3×4″ and I made sure they elastic gives you a nice loop to carry it, when its in berry form.

They are 100% cotton and while a lot of the online patterns use gingham fabric I opted for thicker options.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Beware, the sewing machine is back out, the dogs are seeking cover.  There is much more silliness where these came from.

Be well!

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