Beware of Squirrels

Anyone who knows my adorable little sister, knows that she is afraid of squirrels.  She is not a squeamish person by any stretch of the imagination and it is not like she squeals anytime one crosses her path.

Growing up in the redwoods we were constantly surrounded by the adorable little creatures.  You wouldn’t get very far with a squirrel phobia.

After years of carful observation and interaction- her explanation goes like this: they are organized, up to something, possibly armed,defiantly deviant and they have the high ground!

(Think about it.)

This belief made it impossible for me not to screw with her when I still lived back home.

When she was at work I used to leave her threading messages from ‘Commander Nutz’ written in the dust on her car.  I would complete these love notes by making squirrel foot prints all over her car.

I highly recommend the method for screwing with undeserving siblings of all shapes and sizes.

I had told the boys of my sister’s “issues” and my little gifts.  They found it infinitely amusing.  So it should not have been such a shock when they decide to join the fun one winter day last year, from the other side of the country.

We were at one of those paint your own ceramics places and I jokingly suggested they paint one of the squirrel figures for “Sister Sara.”  They both lit up.

“YAHHHH!” grinned the youngest.

“But they should be EVIL squirrels! So she will be MORE scared”  Blurted the oldest.

“I’m going to make mine a ZOMIBE SQUIRREL!!!!”

“Mine is going to be a ninja!  Wait!  I’m going to make the Evil Commander Nutz!”

Turns out they were really listening to my stories. They set to work without any further direction and made me so proud it is hard to articulate.

Pictures will due nicely:


They are both dripping with the blood of their kills.  It was my idea to turn the cute little acorns they had clutched in their paws into human sculls.

In case you have ever wondered what a zombie squirrel looks like to a five year old, here it is:


The infamous Commander Nutz finally got a body (and an eye patch):


Since we had come this far we went home and they helped me compose threading notes to send along with our super righteous Christmas presents.  Complete with more diagrams of evil squirrels.


We added coffee stains and teeth marks to further authenticate the look of something that had come from his compound.

"give us all your nuts!" Not hats though we will take those too.
“give us all your nuts!” Not hats.  Though we will take those too.

We made little ‘squirrel feet stamps’ and used them liberally.

“and no one gets nibbled on”

At any rate, I guess what I am trying to say is- mess with your siblings while you can and beware of squirrels.

That is all. Have a great day!

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