Beets and Cream. Really, Trust Me!

The time to harvest tubers and roots has arrived here in Maine!


Apples and pumpkins are next, like tomorrow.

I never liked beets till I was older but now I consider them a real treat.  I know they can appear alien and complicated but let me assure you making really tasty beet dishes is easy.

This beet and cream tower is best done the night before and while there is a fair bit of cooking and setting time the whole thing will only take 15 minutes of your attention.

Start by roasting your beets- I cut off the top and bottom. Generously cover olive oil and tons of salt (trust me) put them in a crock (or any baking dish) cover them with tin foil.

Cook for about an hour (depending on the size and count of your beets) at 375ish (depending on your oven.)


When they are done a knife should pass through with little resistance, pull them out and let them cool covered for a while longer.

The skin is no problem with this roasting method as long as you let them sit covered after they are out so they can steam.

Once they are cool enough to handle pick them up, enfold them in a napkin and rub.  The skin will come off in the napkin.


Then I slice them into circles and fill them with any sort of creamy cheese- goat cheese, cream cheese, Mascarpone, Bleu cheese, pretty much anything that is squidgie.

This a local herb goat cheese.
This a local herb goat cheese.

From there you can add anything.  Some of my favorites are- cracked black pepper, lemon zest, pickled jalapeños, basil, herbs, garlic, candied nuts, etc.


Wrap them in wax paper like a little salt water taffy.


Let them set up in the refrigerator for at least an hour, but preferably over night.

When you cut them later they should stay together:


I think they are quite pretty, considering I took no pains whatsoever to make them even.  I made these for me to snack on but they could be an appetizer or used for salads etc.

Have fun and don’t let the scary pink vegetable scare you!  Cut it up and stuff it with cheese instead!

What say you?

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