“Looks Cold…”

We had our first real snow of this year.  It’s really amazing that silently over night the yard can go from-




I think the lettuce is finally done.


The back garden is also out of commission till next year, season over.

Circle garden
Circle garden

The chickens stayed inside for the first time in a long while to avoid frostbite, which as we found out last year– is not a good time.  Now, I have to consolidate the chickens into two coops and retire the big coop for the winter.

It is a great summer coop but in the snow it will just not do.  It is the farthest from the house and I am not lugging water out there.

No Thank you.

A-frame coop
A-frame coop

Before the sun warms the day, the snow still gilds the branches of the forest.  This is something I haven’t yet grown accustom to in my backyard and I think it is absolutely beautiful.




Though today much of the snow has melted, it is without a doubt the beginning of the big freeze.  We did get a break since the ground is not YET frozen some of the surfaces shoveled themselves.

"Goodbye front walk, see you in the spring"
“Goodbye front walk, see you in the spring”

The last of the fall leaves on the deck caught and held on to their little collections of flakes.


The bees will cluster up and wait it out.


In the next few days I will complete buttoning them up for the winter.

They will get tar paper and candy boards for the coming dearth.

The view out our kitchen window is in flux again.  In less than a week the color has drained from beyond the glass.




Growing up on the California coast make these views foreign for me but I like the snow, silence and patience winter brings with it.  A chance to reflect and wait, to change and (hopefully) become more than we were the year before.

It is strange to have the weather determine so much of your day but I have to admit I love the concept of “snow days.”  When the world shuts down and no one expects anyone to go anywhere.

The lakes will transform from liquid to solid.  We will hunker down and wait.  We will have snowball fights and warm fires.  Endless craft projects and homemade snow cones.

Wish us warm and be well, here we go again!


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