“Where Are My Feet!?!”

No matter how ready I think I am the snow still often catches me unaware.

At around noon yesterday, I turned around from my work table and the outside world was filled with flakes.

These were not ‘Norman Rockwell flakes,’ these were ‘storming the beaches of Normandy flakes.’  Filling the world, hell bent on covering all of existence.

I realized quickly I was going to have to cut work short to get home.  Even though the shop is in my town it is strategically located on the other side Great East Lake. This means I have to go around a ginormous lake no matter which way I try, unless I get a jet ski.

There are several ways home,  unfortunately none of them had the “been plowed” option available.  I decided to take the down hill route.  Unplowed hills can be very difficult to get up even with all wheel drive.

I knew it was bad when other tracks on the road were already filled in from cars you just passed.


All I could really do it go slow and steady.  Even then it is easy to slip and slid at the smallest adjustment or incline.  Learning to drive in the snow has been really challenging!


After half an hour I was at the top of my road only to be stopped at the graveyard by a Firelady telling me there is a “car in the pond” at the bottom of the hill and the road is closed.


This Pond
This pond, which looks a but different now.

I could have turned around and tried to go all the way around again but I decided to wait instead.  I was so close.


I took this boring picture of the graveyard I was stopped across from and not all the amazing machines that rolled past while I waited.  Honestly, I was too worried about getting home to be thinking clearly about how fricken cool it was.

I’m talking a John Deer rig with chain-wrapped spiked tires as tall as my car; towing a full sized plow- up a hill!

Sorry, I totally dropped the ball on that one.  You will have to take my word for it.

The crews worked quickly and soon enough I was back on my way.   Still the only one on the road but headed home!

I pulled in less than three hours after the snow had started to fall and it was just in time.  This was wet heavy, sticky snow and it clung to everything!

There is a reason the Inuit have so many words for snow.  Each verity is fundamentally different.  Well, exept that they are all cold, no hot snow.

Our power went for the longest period in three years, almost 10 hours.  Thank god of our little wood stove and dogs that sleep under the covers.

We awoke to the electricity back on and the homestead still visible.


Compared to our first snow a couple weeks ago this was a bit more substantial.

Circle garden
Circle garden first snow of 2014.


The weather report said to expect 8-12 inches but I think it is a but more like 12-20.  For example:

These are my knees.  Below them is a pair of snow boots (not pictured.)
These are my knees. Below them is a pair of snow boots (not pictured.)

“I can’t see my feet!!!”

Winter hijacked our cars.


Even Isis looked concerned about the amount of white stuff deposited.


It is a good thing we weren’t trying to get anywhere today.  Thanksgiving at home with nowhere to go is just fine by me.  The dogs and cats will have to adjust.

"I just want to pee!"
“I just want to pee!”

Luna is NOT pleased.


And the chickens will stay inside.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Be well, stay warm.


One Comment on ““Where Are My Feet!?!”

  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay warm. Stay safe. And enjoy time with your family. Nothing beats a snowy day than good company, a warm fire and hot chocolate.


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