Snow, Rain, Sleet, Repeat.

The weather here the past week has been a bit indecisive.  It seems as soon as we get some decent powder we get ice on top of it.  The lakes and ponds have frozen,




and frozen again.


Most mornings we have woken up to a dusting. I am still in awe of the beauty of the frozen world that I pass on my new commute along the backroads of Acton.


The bogs and marshes have been showing off.



We even managed to make it to the beach for the first time this year (on this side of the country.)  The lakes are close and uncrowded so we prefer them to the coast in the summer.

It also happened to be Ry’s birthday.  He decided to celebrate by taking his metal detector to the beach proclaiming the whole time that it is not necessarily an old guy activity.  I smiled silently and nodded.


He found a penny and an old spoon and I found a frozen log.  It turns out Maine beaches are pretty clean.


Except for the obligatory beached lobster trap.

CIMG3156The roses that line the path to the beach are no joke, but I have to admit I think the thorns are for warmth as well as protection.



Even without human floatsam and jetsam there are plenty of random beach finds.


The clear bright winter days are not all washed in white, the colors can be so vibrant even now.


It just might be the most wonderful time of the year.  Except that when you get in your car this is also part of the view.  I guess you have to take the cold with the snow.


Be well and stay warm.

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