I am always surprised at the verity of the Market Basket super store in Biddeford.  Mind you; this is a little city off Hwy 95, south of Portland in Maine.  Today without any effort at all, I found:


Honestly, it is not so much the presents of pork intestines but 10lbs at a time?! NOW THAT’S A PARTY!  More importantly its only $10 and good for a whole year…

Guess what we are having for dinner kids.

Moving down the frozen food section I came across two other items.

Frozen chicken feet

Chicken feet, next to corn dogs above…


Two; count them.  Two different options for bone-in goat cubes.  Is this store great or what?  These little surprises were exciting.  I actually like things like this (when they are made right).  I know I would be alone when it came time to eat them though so I gave up and moved on.  What I found next stumped me entirely:


Is it for toast or crackers?   Do I stuff it into the chitterlings?  Was it sent through the mail; hot?  Silly canadians and their mystery meat spreads.

I wasn’t feeling that adventurous so I gathered the basics and got out of there before I started looking for odd stuff on purpose or decided to try and sneak chicken feet into tonight’s dinner.

I think it was a good call.  It is good to know that cabin fever has not effected my shopping choices…

or has it?