Strange Surprises from Market Basket

I am always surprised at the verity of the Market Basket super store in Biddeford.  Mind you; this is a little city off Hwy 95, south of Portland in Maine.  Today without any effort at all, I found:


Honestly, it is not so much the presents of pork intestines but 10lbs at a time?! NOW THAT’S A PARTY!  More importantly its only $10 and good for a whole year…

Guess what we are having for dinner kids.

Moving down the frozen food section I came across two other items.

Frozen chicken feet

Chicken feet, next to corn dogs above…


Two; count them.  Two different options for bone-in goat cubes.  Is this store great or what?  These little surprises were exciting.  I actually like things like this (when they are made right).  I know I would be alone when it came time to eat them though so I gave up and moved on.  What I found next stumped me entirely:


Is it for toast or crackers?   Do I stuff it into the chitterlings?  Was it sent through the mail; hot?  Silly canadians and their mystery meat spreads.

I wasn’t feeling that adventurous so I gathered the basics and got out of there before I started looking for odd stuff on purpose or decided to try and sneak chicken feet into tonight’s dinner.

I think it was a good call.  It is good to know that cabin fever has not effected my shopping choices…

or has it?

5 Comments on “Strange Surprises from Market Basket

  1. I grew up eating creton. We’d eat it on toast with mustard. Really, really good it was. Thank you for not showing the ingredients (of which I do not know, but shudder to think). Exactly the same packaging. It was a staple at my memere and pepere’s house. I never ate any of that other shite. Kinda freaked out by it actually. All good for a laugh!
    Btw, I went to Biddeford High School.

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    • No joke?! You went to Biddeford! It has turned into a strip mall 😦 They now have the biggest Market Basket around. When we first moved we lived in Kennebunk for a couple years.

      AND you call your grandparents Memere! My parents picked Memere and ‘Grandpa Wiseman’ as their step-grandparent titles. The world is such a small/big place!

      I knew that the pork spread was probably tasty, so I am choosing to be aloof so I don’t get hooked on spreadable bacon. As I am already in treatment for my addiction to the crispy verity.
      You can tell your son; that it would appear even the whole world can be as small as your little island if you look in the right places. How amusing!

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      • I grew up in Arundel. My parents still living there now. I remember family drives along route 111 searching for deer by the glow of their eyes in the fields where there is now Home Depot. That area seemed to explode overnight. I wonder where those deer live now. (unfortunately not in my freezer)
        When I was living there eight years ago we had to drive to Portsmouth to go to Market Basket. Unreal! I was talking to my dad this week and he was saying clamming is rare , red tide bans seemingly always. He claims ‘conspiracy, no red tide in winter’ and as regards to blueberry picking, can’t access the fields because of developments, if they still exist at all anymore.
        Ya, small and shrinking world all right. Cramming so much in everywhere it will cave in soon. I won’t mention that bit to my son.

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      • That’s hilarious! We are in Acton.
        It does seem like a red tide would be REALLY unlikely in the winter so I am kind of on his side.
        The blueberry flats are still there you just have to act like you are ‘hiking’ since the area is protected most of the time due to some type of bird that nests there but everyone still goes. 🙂
        What a trip that you are from right down the road! At least we will be ready when the crust caves in.

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