Today, I reveled in the sound of snow melt running off our roof through the open window.


Three weeks ago I declared winter to be over and this afternoon I believed it.  I even saw ground on the side of the road.


Ground that had been uncovered by natural forces rather than mechanical means.  It is amazing to think that spring might actually be happening.  We stated some of our seeds indoors last week and it is quite possible that we are completely jumping the gun.  At this point, we just don’t care.


Three boys need at least 18×15 foot tarp for any indoor activity that requires dirt.  Trust me; it’s just better that way.

Even the chickens are noticing days growing longer.  They have started laying accordingly and we are now getting 8-12 eggs a day.  They are even getting some time outside as it isn’t below freezing.

I caught Dude mid-crow.
I caught Dude mid-crow.

Since the new flock is staring to lay we are getting all sorts of colors and combinations.

Two days worth of eggs.
Two days worth of eggs.

I guess all eggs start out white (it is why vinegar etches the colored eggs so well) a few hours before the egg is excreted; a colored layer is added. Eggs from each individual chickens will vary in shade depending on their diet and time of year.   We had a couple new colors I hadn’t seen before.

Like this olive green with brown spots.


We have some that have white speckles.


Some with dark brown and there are even some with purple spots.


The closer I look at the them the more interesting they are.  The guinea fowl are also changing with the coming sping.   They are some odd looking and crazy sounding birds.  What a difference from six months ago!


As funny as their heads look- their feathers are astounding up-close.



It’s not all pretty eggs and feathers.  I have been seeing bees outside the hive the past few days!  Unfortunately they only seem to be leaving in order to fly a ways and-



Or maybe they are all drunk from a bee night club and just sleeping it off in the snow.  It is kind of hard to tell.


I can tell that their butts are not shrunken (a sign of serious disease) and while there is a fair bit of poop around it is not the shit show it was last year (pun intended.)  It is normal to have a spring die-off when the workers who overwintered with the queen finally reach the end of their already expanded life cycle.

We will see.

All we can do is wait and be patient.  Given our indoor planting and constant melt monitoring; we are going to need some help on that front.


I have to admit it has made for some pretty epic sunsets out the front door, but I will not be sorry to see it go.






Let us hope winter sets soon next November will come soon enough.