The Amazing Adventure Of The Underwear Wizard.

On our drive home, the boys and I started talking about a character the Little One invented during the week we were snowed in, the Underwear Wizard.  Things got out of hand (as all good stories do) and the next thing I knew; we were typing and illustrating a tale called The Amazing Adventure Of The Underwear Wizard and His Crazy Monkey Scientist Buddy.

They each illustrated their own copy; the youngest on the left and oldest on the right.

Here goes nothing…

Not so long ago, in a laundry room not so far away there lived a magical being not many people have never seen the- Underwear Wizard. He lives in a castle on top of Mt. Laundry.


He is a funny being full of laughter and joy. His love of underwear of all types is unmatched. He derives his magical powers from the underwear he has on his body at any time.  He always has layers and layers to spare.

He shares the laundry corner with a mad pigmee-monkey scientist.
After being trapped by the Sock goblin he succeeded in escaping his prison but was left with a few issues. The potion he used to escape the evil villain had some unexpected side effects.


It made him small enough to fit through the bars of the cell but it permanently shrunk his ability to act normally or care what anyone thinks about him.

The Underwear Wizard and his unstable buddy have to live with an evil being of epic proportions. The always feared and ridiculously smelly… (dun dun dunnnnnn)
Sock Goblin!!!!!!!

IMG_1582 The Sock Goblin’s sole desire in life is to take control of the laundry corner and eventually-

The world!

Under his control he has an army of inexplicably violent lint balls that he recruited from behind the dryer.
The dastardly fiend takes dirty socks that escape the washing machine and adds them to his ever-growing stinky power.


He started out as a baby sock and overtime has grown to the size of a large cat but WAY more smelly than even the dirtiest cat box.
The Underwear Wizard was getting more and more concerned. He had to do something, soon.


Even the giant Laundry Gods; bringers and washers of dirty cloths from Above, started to notice something was funny in the basement.

It wouldn’t be long before the Sock Goblin would make his move, his lint army was getting restless. He was training them to form a lint bridge in order to ascend the stairs and try to take over Above.


The Monkey Scientist had an idea. Since nothing in the basement could defeat the Sock Goblin he realized that their only hope was to go Above before the Goblin and his lint army and stop them on the stairs when they would be the weakest.

They decided the best way to accomplish their mission was to use the magical properties of the Wizard’s boxers. Any picture on the underwear being worn by the wizard could come to life and assist him in his goals.


The crazy monkey had the brilliant (but totally odd) idea to use underwear with pictures of birds on them to fly them to the top of the stairs. The wizard was hesitant and asked what they would do then?

Crazy monkey boy told him he could use his plaid undies to cast a magical plaid net and trap all the lint and the Sock Goblin at once, when they tried to squeeze through the door to Above.


The Underwear Wizard had been battling the Sock Goblin for years and was worried that the plan maybe a little too silly. The monkey boy, on the other hand seemed convinced that this was the way to go.

This was not reassuring since he was equally convinced that turtles could fly given the right potion.
The only thing to do was try. The Wizard unleashed the birds and with a little practice they both made it to the top of the stairs and the threshold to Above.


They had to set up quick because no soon than they landed they heard the shuffling of many linty feet and they could smell the Sock Goblin grow closer.


The plan worked better than they could have wished.


The plaid net covered the whole army. Then the wizard used his construction boxers to activate a D-10 Dozer that carried the smelly linty mass back down the stairs.


“What do we do now?!” Asked the wizard.
“I know! We should have a marshmallow party in the jean pile!”
“NO! You goof, what should we do about the trapped evil laundry monsters”
“Oh, them”
The monkey was quite for a second, then snapped his monkey fingers.

“I’ve got it, the goblin gets his power from things that come out of the dryer, so… if we put him back in the dryer and THEN the washing machine it should undo him.”


“It’s worth a shot” shrugged the wizard. It worked like a charm and all was well again in the land of laundry.


The End.

Or is it?

It’s not.

8 Comments on “The Amazing Adventure Of The Underwear Wizard.

  1. Well, that was absolutely brilliant! And if my children were still awake I would have read it to them and got their feedback.
    ‘Any picture on the underwear being worn by the wizard could come to life and assist him in his goals’. This is when the word genius entered my head. I can’t help wondering did they ever have that marshmallow party? And when will book two be out?
    I especially like how this story was wrapped up with a happy ending, yet obviously there are more laundry room adventures to come…way to leave me anxious for more boys! 🙂
    Excellent illustrations and story. Honestly hard to believe it was completed in a week. That is some impressive attention span (by both little and big people), they must have just loved doing it!


    • Oh, it was completed in 2 hours. We talked about it on the ride home and they burst through the door telling daddy all the details we thought up. I got typing and they got drawing. It ended abruptly because by page 11 they were asking if they could “take a break” at the same time they were asking me to type the second volume.

      They are such a riot, but it means I always have help for my silly ideas. I wish I could say that I am not crafting puppets right now for their characters… wait, no I don’t- and I am.

      Next weekend is going to be epic. (we have them every weekend during school and 3 day a week in the summer + alternating vacations) It is always nice when they are here for longer periods of time (like Feb. vacation- 9 days!) but it is good to see them so often even when it is just a couple days a week.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can hear the happy and love in your words. So sweet 🙂 . Sure they feel it every time they are with you. What a great life for them, and you. It sounds like a terrific set up. The time just flies, you wouldn’t want much to pass between visits, so much changes so quickly. Easter break soon. Woo hoo to two weeks without alarm clocks!!
        Two hours plus a bit of car talk pre planning turned out some pretty interesting results.

        Liked by 1 person

    • P.s in the second book they go to Above (what the boys have dubbed the upstairs in this adventure) I think it is HILARIOUS they made me a god, that was their idea and I liked it, go figure. 🙂 The puppets are turning out more ridicules than the book, we are going to need a puppet stage, stat. 🙂

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  2. You will have to post a video for the next episode/book/adventure for sure! This could go viral, hee, hee, what fun! Goddess? er, maybe god works better in the storyline, okay, I will be an adoring fan and leave the editing to yourselves 😉 Keep on keeping having fun with it!!


    • I have posted only a couple of videos on the blog successfully. You are right about the Goddess part- for the story though we (my husband and I) were ‘THE GODS’ Both of the boys have mythological names so they are well versed in all types of mythology. They just know I am as powerful as any god so there is no need to distinguish the two 🙂

      Do you have a Fb page? I post videos of the boys there so it isn’t on the web for the public. There is A LOT of silliness there, I only hint at here. Like the Underwear Wizard it all his live action glory from a few weeks ago. This kid runs into his room and grabs as many boxers as he can find. Then comes out with his felted wizard hat, wand and every pair of undergarment he can find. It is pretty priceless.

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      • Hiya girlie, just in from St. Paddy’s Day festivities, out since 8 hours ago and damn tired with a happy glow. I liked your fb page last night, but that was from your blog and must admit I didn’t visit it yet. I am not on fb much and wrestle with whether or not to link my blog there, which obviously means I am not ready to yet. I have always been a fb lurker, compared to my complete extrovert self in blogland, a real 180° difference. I will give a visit because my three boys would just love it and I am so curious I couldn’t resist. Hallelujah to getting to bed long before tomorrow strikes! Sleep well my friend and talk soon. Melissa xx

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      • Rest well! We stayed home and had burritos, Because we are rebels. So glad you did it right for all us lame-ohs 🙂


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