Meanwhile- Back At The Ranch

This spring was interesting to say the least.  We leaned a lot about ourselves, each other, and people in general.

– and (most importantly) managed to come out on the other side just as happy as before.  Adaptability always has been one of our greatest assets as a couple and I am more grateful than ever for our marriage, little family and homestead.

The garden got a late start this year.  I have faith it will come along nicely.  It might look messy but that is in part because we have paired crops together instead of planting monoculture rows.  There is buckwheat in with the corn for soil augmentation and beans planted at the base of the corn.

My husband has decided to trellis the tomatoes this year.  It is like a whole garden full of experiments.

Last year, I decided I liked lilies and planted a bunch all over.  It has payed off with explosions of color in every corner of the yard.





Our Easter Morning lilies and the tiger lilies ( already here when we moved in) are about to go off.  I can’t wait; they fill the whole yard with such a sweet smell!

We got a small flock of ducks who do not smell as nice but are just the best things ever, though I have to admit they are a little like feathered slugs.  Who would have thought?!

The bathroom has never been this much fun.  After a few days I realized that that best way to get them to trust you is to be a rock in the pond.


The lambs are absolutely enormous and doing a great job of keeping the grass at bay.


Lulu has decided the she is queen of the rock walls and I am always worried she will fall off.

Lulu not worried at all.
Lulu not worried at all.

The men made the sheep a new enclosure yesterday.  The ninja (who is not a ninja at all, he is The Black Panther) and older monster helped daddy out as usual.



Without the constant mowing more medicinal herbs have popped up all over the yard.  We have Plantain, Chamomile and Prunnella everywhere.


Great for tea.

The front of the garden from last year is going to seed and we will soon have a replenished stock of carrot and onion seeds.



The apple trees are now three years old and looking nothing like the sticks we planted so long ago.


Summer isn’t waiting for anything and I am happy to have more time to enjoy the homestead while the sun lasts.

Be well everyone and thank you for reading!

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