January Surf in Maine

This last round of storms was followed by strong wind resulting in some AMAZING drifts!


Surf’s up!

Just kidding, -20 is no joke.


It was hard for the plow guys to keep up with the drifts.  These ones greeted me in the middle of the road.


So I did what any self respecting California girl would do… got out and took pictures.


Not for long though.  Did I mention the -20F?!

Be well and stay warm!

One Comment on “January Surf in Maine

  1. Beautiful photos, Ember. You have been on my mind a lot recently – how you are dealing with the icy weather, and how are the outside animals are doing. Can you keep the house warm enough? And how about the car?

    Sara is at home with your Mom now, and both of them are coming here on Saturday, probably for a fairly brief visit since your parents and cousins are also on the schedule. I am eager to hear all about Guam and her life there.

    I am doing well, but Faith, a friend of mine is not. She is dying of pancreatic cancer and she does not have many days left. I have been visiting her weekly since August. She is a good friend and at least 15 years younger than I. A lot of women from the Fellowship (about 14) are taking turns now to sit with her every day, while her daughter is at work. I am part of a caring community!

    I am trying to get back in a routine after the holidays, including the start of 2018, but it is slow going. Good New Year’s resolutions, but I am already failing. One of them was making sure that I took a daily walk, but I took one on Friday – that was it. Of course, it was raining today and part of yesterday, so I have an excuse. As you know, rain is very welcome here. I do not plan to drive any more when it is dark or raining hard. I also use a three-wheel walker outside now, since my balance is not great. Quite a lot of help.

    Well, Ember it is getting late. My love to you, Ryan and the boys.




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