Valley of the Sempervirens

We grew up in backyards full of fire scarred trees. 

Playing in ancient flame hollowed trunks, making silent promises to the bit of earth that gently cradled our innocence. 

These monuments whispered reminders; that it is this land’s nature, to burn.

The redwoods taught us well; roots woven together can support strong, fog laden bows reaching for the heavens, while holding tight to the earth. 

 Their silent examples showed us that being physically grounded and universal minded are not mutually exclusive traits. Demonstrating how both are necessary conditions of long and happy lives.

 In 2020, fingers of god came down touching the land alight once again, reminding us of those childhood promises and the essential nature of the place that made us. 

The Valley forever changed, lives on and us with it. We are people of the redwoods. Sempervirens

I do not mean to diminish the devastating loss of physical items gathered over a lifetime, only to remind that these things have never been what defined us.

We never belonged to the structures;  or the things we kept in them, we have always been creatures of this land and the life our valley grows. 

Each of us a seed containing a forest of possibilities, though we are now spread far and wide. Our childhood forest grows safely inside us wherever we go. In us, they live protected by our love for them and each other. 

We remember the lessons of roots that choose to reach out for one another, rather than diving deep in search of personal gain. With the redwoods to guide us, we will recover. 

The sorrel will return, gilding charred roots with green skirts. We will grow again, covering this earth with our love of it. Full of hope for new landmarks; forestscapes and children yet to be born, running  wild beneath watchful branches, learning these old lessons for themselves.  

This valley grows love, life and hope,  We are sempervirens, people of the mountains and trees. Forever so shall it be.

What say you?

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