Sara Quiz…

At Sara’s Day we made everyone take a quiz on basic Sara knowledge. We might be grieving, but haven’t lost our sense of humor.

True or False Sara…
TOnce danced in many of the fountains on the Vegas strip.
FAppeared as an extra in The Matrix Resurrections 2021
TOnce tubed down the Mekong River.
FLoved the color pink.
TAs a child she loved her my sized pink princess doll that had a light up crown and wand.
TAs a child she used to hide food in her socks and flush it down the toilet.
FDeclined a soccer scholarship to Lewis and Clark.
TWhile at a boarding school in France once snuck out by climbing down a stereotypical ivy covered trellis 
THad a Sak Yant tattoo behind her ear 
TGot a .22 cal rifle for her birthday when she was 9.
FFavorite song was “How Bizzare by OMC 
TDesire to scuba dive was mostly driven by the hope that the fish would be her friends.
FSpent the night in jail after protesting in the May Day riots 
TOnce told her very pregnant sister not to eat during the movie A Quiet Place because the noise would “ruin the cinematic tension of the movie”.
TAs a child Sara hated getting wet or dirty and would instantly change soiled clothing.
TWent skydiving on her 18th birthday.
TOn her first skydive she had an “off landing” in a christmas tree farm.
TClimbed Mt Kailash in Tibet without telling her family when she was 19, she got altitude sickness on her first attempt, but tried again the next day and made it.
THitchhiked across the Himalayas.
TOnce hopped a freight train and rode it to Chicago.
FWas a hair model but never showed her face 
TGot the bends from diving in Fiji and had to be taken on a low altitude flight to Australia.
TDidn’t tell her sister or mother about the side trip to Australia and they only found out about it post mortem, from strangers.
TTook an IQ test and scored 160.
TYoungest to graduate from TESL school in Thailand.
TCaught twice on the roof of the campus safety office at Lewis and Clark, alcohol was involved.
FNever played college level soccer.
TLearned French in France.
TBegan her first journey to Asia when she was 18.
TParasailed and hand fed an Egyptian vulture yak meat while in flight in Nepal.
THelped clean the large tank at Monterey Bay Aquarium (Scuba dived)
TWorked in Tibetan orphanage for 2 months
TWas a National Geographic photo contest winner
FMarried Delbert Wiggins 7/12/14.
TMemorized names of every land mass and waterways on the Earth in an hour and a half (small islands and straits included)
TSat next to Brandi Chastain and Kristine Lilly at a Red Socks game 
FSlept in the Birdman cell on Alcatraz
TBungee jumped off the world’s tallest sky jump- Macau Tower
TGot her Master Diver certification in Thailand
TFound countless four leaf clovers seemingly at will, thus the nickname “Clover”.
FOnly smoked cigarettes on her birthday.
TAgreed to be tied up and locked in a closet by her older sister so she could be practice being Hoodini.
THeld sacred her father’s messes and refused to let her mother clean them after his death untill she went through them first.
TNicknames she approved of- Clover, Cali and Gobi 
FKissed Thom York from Radio Head backstage at a show when she was 25 
TDiagnosed at three years old with acute scoliosis 
TWas almost named Caitlen 
FMet the Dalai Lama
TWas a whiskey connoisseur 
THad tiny veins, and passed out when having blood drawn on occasion
TWhen Sara came back from her Tibet trip she didn’t tell her family, she just walked in and surpirzed them 
THad snake head soup for breakfast on her 19th birthday 
TTouched a Picasso painting with her dirty fingers
TYelled “Here’s looking at you kid” at a goat in Casablanca, Morocco
FAppeared as an extra with her dad in the 1992 film Out on a Limb.
TRaised three tree squirrels at her house in Marina, Ca.
TIt took her 12 years to get her BA degree. 
FHad a black light tattoo of a historically accurate treasure map 
FAttended 6 Mötley Crüew concerts
TWas a hand model for a published book 
FLived in a Tibetan monastery for 4 months 
TLoving collected nocturnal emissions from coral reefs for restoration 
FTraveled to eleven different countries in South America 
TWas the same height at 8.5 years old as her 5 year old niece is now 
TWore a penguin costume during a piano recital 
TRoad big wheels down the West Hill street weekends during college 
FAttended 3 different colleges during her undergrad years. 

What say you?

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