“I Got My Lunch All Packed, I Got My Shoes Tied Tight.”

The Greenland Farmers Market is happening in just a few hours. I am completely beside myself.

I have been going to farmers markets as long as I can remember.   I can’t tell you how much I miss the ones back home.  I have never been on the vending side of the market.  I’m not going to lie, I am nervous.

You may have noticed a new  page tab in the top menu, if you haven’t look up about 6″.  There, you can find info and links for most of our items.

I hope to hone our offerings as time goes on.  I have no idea what kinds of things will sell, how these things will be received and if I think about it too much I might just loose my mind.

Last night my husband asked my what me expectations are and I said honestly “nothing.”

I can’t.

I have no sales goal (not such a great thing I realize for someone trying to start her own business) or big plan.  I just want to share the things from our land, made with our hands- with others.

I absolutely hope our efforts will be well received but I have no aversion to rethinking everything if need be.

It would be a HUGE bummer, don’t get me wrong.  We are willing to do what it takes.

My hopes for the day are to; spend the day working with my love, something we haven’t gotten to do in years.  Meet interesting people and hopefully see a few old friends.

I think most of all I am expecting just another adventure.  We have been on so many already and I can only hope there will be many more to come.  That is all I need to be happy,  let us hope this is the next step in our newest journey.

Come down and see us if you are in the area we would love to see you!

*Deep breaths*

One Comment on ““I Got My Lunch All Packed, I Got My Shoes Tied Tight.”

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