Home Again, Home Again.

Five years ago, back in California- I would have said that a 50 degree day with rain was the worst possible weather for an outdoor market.

Now I know better.  There are things like sleet and snow that could make the day way worse.

Yes, we were chilly but we were surrounded by hot soup, coffee, amazing scones, wool blankets and good company.  We had an excellent spot right next to the stage and Sandra played her heart out the whole time.  My husband kept saying what a great mix of songs she had. He wasn’t kidding her choices kept you on your toes.

One woman, a couple guitars and a righteous play list= heaven!


We meet new people, got more then a few complements and came up with new ideas for next time.  It rocked pretty hard.

Most important we got to spend the day together.  It was funny how nervous we both were.  After al,l we have both been in charge of HUGE events and multi million dollar budgets in our careers for years now, but this was different.

This was OUR booth, OUR products and US… that’s it.

We got there early.


It was amazing to watch a field sprout booths like dandelions.  It was epic to have one of our own to add to the line up.


Ry made some kick-ass walking sticks from a mountain ash we took down the other day.

I was really happy with the layout.  There was room for improvement for sure but all in all, it was amazing to see all our stuff put together in one place.






People were interested in our offerings- I still can’t quite pronounce Pysanky but I’ll get it.  I know how to make them, one day I will know how to say them.

I got a few interesting shots of the market upside-down through one of the prisms on my dreamcatchers.




It was a good day!  We are starting right away on our new plans for next week’s market, we hope to see all of you soon!

What say you?

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