Eggs Of A Different Type

We celebrated Easter this year with colored eggs that we filled with chocolate (but not dyed.  They are colorful to start.)


LOTS of seeds, gardening tools, a sunny day and frog eggs.

After our egg hunt we took a walk.  At the bottom of the property on the road is a wetland and small pond (the same one I ran through a bunch last week)  We looked closely as we passed and saw a metric-butt-load of frog eggs!


Upon closer inspection reveled there really were about a million little jewels.

The boys and I begged and pleaded, reluctantly Daddy let us take two small clumps home.  Just until they hatch and get a little bigger.

All in the name of science, mind you.   The PH of water is really important for hatching frog eggs but since our water is all from our well I was pretty sure this would not be an issue.

Our set up was simple; a bucket, some leaves and a screen for the top.




After about a week we saw some exciting little wiggles.



The eggs got smaller and the tadpoles got larger.



After they had all hatched and consumed most of the egg material it was time to get them some other food.


Tadpole food is really easy; boil lettuces, blend, pour into ice cubes and freeze.


They got one cube every couple days and continued to grow and grow.


Soon it looked like a scene from StarWars down there. Well to it does to us.



It was time to return them to the pond.  The boys laid down an impressive borage of sticks and stones to scare the bull frogs and give our little guys the best chance we could.  Hopefully we will see even more frogs this year.  I have to admit we have a healthy population of toads and frogs already but there is always room for more.

More frogs= less mosquitos… we hope.

What say you?

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