Eggs Of A Different Type

We celebrated Easter this year with colored eggs that we filled with chocolate (but not dyed.  They are colorful to start.) LOTS of seeds, gardening tools, a sunny day and frog eggs. After our egg hunt we took a walk.  At the bottom of the property on the road is a wetland and small pond (the same... Continue Reading →

Your Free Range Days Are Over!

Last year we learned an important homesteading math lesson. (Chickens + planting a garden) x (no fence)= fat chickens/no plants. The chickens have been contained! It was time. I constantly worried about predators and neighborhood dogs (not to mention Isis) having free access to the flock.  We knew that we would have to build an enclosure... Continue Reading →

Eggs, eggs, the magical fruit… Fruit that comes from a chicken’s butt

During the winter I love the excuse to make random things and try new crafts.  My sewing machine has gotten a ton of use the past few weeks and the dogs are getting pretty sick of the racket so I decided to try something new.  I have always loved intricate processes and the insanely ridiculous... Continue Reading →

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