Wait, I Have to leave My Home to go House?! Ouch, My Head Hurts…

In the next few days we will head West for my sister’s wedding.


Where the theme will be fighting Marmots (weird runs all over this family.)

It is the oddest feeling in the world to have to travel thousands of miles from home- to go home, but there it is.

It is nerve racking to leave so much behind. If you can send your thoughts and pryers to our house-sitter it would be appreciated!

He has a lot to watch over.  The ever growing garden:






Scarlet emperor runner beans.
Scarlet emperor runner beans.

Asparagus trees in full bloom.

Bet you didn't know asparagus looked like this if you let it grow.   I never did.
Bet you didn’t know asparagus looked like this if you let it grow. I never did!


The bees LOVE it.
The bees LOVE it.


Chickens of all shapes and sizes.



A newly mated queen bee. (Who I finally saw yesterday for the first time!)



We have a wicked good nectar flow going on right now.  Both hives have fresh suppers.




The heal-all (prunella) is in full bloom, that will be a good thing to have around!


We have it EVERYWHERE.
We have it EVERYWHERE.

It is very hard to go but that is the cost of seeing my family and so we will pay the toll.  Maine will most likely still be here when we get back.

BE GOOD little homestead!
BE GOOD little homestead!

My little sister is getting hitched!  What a blessing!


How many chickens do they let you carry on before you have to start checking them?

Is it more than 2?  Two seems reasonable.   I promise not to bring
Is it more than two? Two seems reasonable. Especially if I promise not to bring any bees.

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