My Two Cents on Marriage. For My Favorite/Only Little Sister.

My little sister got married this past Saturday and it was EPIC!  She was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE EVER!  The day was filled with new born goats, a rice crispy treat mountain covered in dragons fighting evil marmots, a trebuchet, family and love.

“Who could ask for anything more?”

Sara’s obligatory wedding swoon. Yes- that is a Trebuchet to throw the bouquet and grader belt, because they are THAT cool!


I am so happy to have a brother!  There is no better person in this world to put up with  be with my sister.  I have an inborn habit of scarring the ever-loving crap out of any boy that even looked at her.  With Delbs, I never once had the urge (it probably happened out of habit but my heart wasn’t in it.)

I could not be happier for them and their choices!

I was made to say something at the ceremony and some have requested a copy.  Here it is in all its glory.  After all,  we have been married for almost two years now so I am an expert on the topic…

“If little girls are made of sugar and spice, and little boys are made of snails and puppy tails.

What would a happy union between two consist of?

Sugar snails?

Spicy tails?

In my experience a happy marriage is made of small simple things:

-Looking around and finding yourself surrounded by things you deeply love and believe in.

-Getting to that place solely though the intent to facilitate the happiness of the other.

Even if it would cost you every expectation you ever had; because you know they would never allow that.

-It may not look like you thought your life would, because love has made your life more than your dreams ever could.

-A happy marriage occurs when you agree to blaze a trail through life with nothing but each other.

Anything less will fall short. (And with all of Sara’s vertical challenges- there is already too much of that around here)

-In a happy marriage there is always enough.  Not because you have everything you want but since both people are willing to give all they have for the family- they always have what they need.

-Love doesn’t make a marriage.

-A marriage should be a healthy system in which you love.  At its best, it is self-sustaining.  At its worst, all destroying.  The only difference is your intent.  Daily effort builds a lifetime of magic and creativity the world has yet to see.

-Above all it is the opportunity create a singular and original life together.

-It is not a complicated thing.

-When life gets hectic, take the time to meditate.  When life is easy, take the time to meditate.

-Remember all you have been through and all that brought you together.  There you will find your happy marriage, right where you left it at its inception.

When you didn’t know where you were going or how you would get there.  Only that together you would figure it out.

It is in this space I hope you will live the rest of your lives together, happy and in love.”

Hip, Hip- Hassa!
Hip, Hip- Hassa!

7 Comments on “My Two Cents on Marriage. For My Favorite/Only Little Sister.

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  2. Epic wedding for sure, but that’s due to the epicness of YOU, Ryan, Sara, Delbs,
    and of course your fabulous mother Linda…..the BEST wedding I have ever been to
    and the laughs(and tears) were endless. AND, the baby goats were priceless, what
    a bonus treat!

    Liked by 1 person

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