The End of A Season

With snow flurries last week and the steady drop in temperature there is no denying that winter is near.  The light takes on a thick quality at the beginning and end of the day and it is dark by 5pm.  The last of the fall colors is disappearing but the view from the top of any hill is still epic.

The snow clouds last week made an almost alien sunset.

The real change is occurring in our living room where now the stove will become the center of the family universe.

“What?! I’m from California!”
You know it's cold if she is there.
You know it’s cold if she is there.

The the span of three months the view from our kitchen window has gone from this-


to this.


Soon all will be white and frozen.  I am still trying to get used to the simple fact that the ground itself will soon freeze solid.

The GROUND freezes!  FOR. MONTHS.

The upside is there will be time for icicles and snowmen.  Warm days by the fire during silent storms.  The earth will keep its pace and spring will come again… I hope!

Here we go again.




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  1. Where in Maine are you guys? I grew up in Appleton & Camden, your hills look so familiar. I so miss those Novembers, despite their bitterness.


      1. Wow – had to look that up on a map. ‘Bout as snuggly as you can get with New Hampshire there. Gorgeous!

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      2. elliwest2014 says:

        Yep right down the road the property taxes triple 🙂

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